At Boatique Services we can repair, refurbish, modify or build your boat!

Getting out on the water is a great experience and a part of life that some of us can't live without! However make sure your boat is always in top condition for safe and worry-free boating. 

With over 20 years experience, we have worked with many different types of boats. Both multihulls and monohulls, from large vessels to small runabouts.

Whether you're looking to do a small repair or a large modification, we are able to help get you back on the water. Most of our work, is done using high quality epoxy systems and sophisticated knitted fibreglass fabrics.

Our recommended material of choice is epoxy for any structural repair or replacement. All new material is bonded in with high strength epoxy glue and fibreglassed in place with epoxy resin. All through-holes are saturated with epoxy to prevent water ingress or dry-rot. The underneath surfaces of new wet-decks are epoxy coated for extra durability and long life.

Accident Damage & Insurance Repairs 

Transoms Replaced

Rotten or Soft Floors 

Custom Refits

Swim Platforms

Custom modifications

Custom Composite Outboard Pods                                


Hard Tops

Gelcoat Damage & Colour Matching 

Boat Detailing

Seat Boxes

Gunwale Rubber  

Structural Repairs

Keel Damage                        

Boat Repairs & Boatbuilders
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